Keepers -v- Strikers Challenge

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Keepers -v- Strikers Challenge

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The Storm FC Striker & Goalkeeper Challenge Series pits attackers and goalkeepers against each other in a one-day multi-event competition. The challenge is made up of a series of challenges designed to provide technical education, practice, and competition all packed into one exciting event with a live leaderboard!

Strikers participate in a variety of technical, specialized, and pressure-based activities, including:
- Placement & Accuracy
- 1v1s shooting
- Volleys and half volleys
- Ultimate finishing exercises
- Power Shooting
- Pressure game rekated Shooting

Goalkeepers are tested against the strikers with a series of challenges incorporating different goalkeeper techniques including:
- Diving
- Angle Play
- Catching
- Penalty Kicks and close range shot stopping
- Parrying Saves
- Reaction Saves

Each activity has the following model:

Education - Demonstration and explanation of proper technique and execution

Training - Practice and execution of activity to prepare players for competition

Competition - Points earned to accumulate towards leaderboard of one or multiple challenges

This event develops and showcases players as they compete to be the Grand Champion! Players  will be put into groups and will accumulate as many points as they can throughout each event,
with scores posted on a leaderboard for players and families to keep up with. Awards are given per age group, as well as individual awards for each challenge event.

Players must compete in both
events to be considered the Grand Champion and crowned the overall winner of the Striker & Goalkeeper Series!

2019-20 Goalkeeper Grand Champion - Vacant
2019-20 Striker Grand Champion - Vacant

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