500 Club Lottery

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500 cl;ub lottery.png

500 Club Lottery


Joining the 500 Club gives you the opportunity to support our community soccer club. We are a charity that relies on membership, donations and sponsorship.

The organization is needing an irrigation system to help keep our grass, latley the overground watering system hasnt been able to keep up with teh require frequency and amount of water needed to keep our grass alive.


The irrigation system will save us replacing the grass which can run into the tens of thousands of dollars, and we could still be in the same situation later down the road.

The practcie facility has over 200 families visiting the facility per week plus community programs such as FUNdaMINIs, GK program, Skills Camps, Pro Soccer Club Camps and our SCDL League.

The facility is a major destination for recreation in Ellis county and we need help on preserving our grass, in order to maintain a safe environment for community youth.

By purchasing a "Share" it gives you a chance to win a monthly prize over 12 months,  members pay $60.00 per year ($5 per month for 12 months drawings, payable one time) to be entered into 12 monthly draws for prize money of 1st prize - $200 value prize -  2nd prize - $150 Value prize - 3rd prize- $100.00 - 4th prize - $50.00 value - 5th prize - $30.00 value prize.

The amount of shares can not go past 500, you may purchase as many shares that are available to increase your chances of winning each month.

The draw takes place at the end of each month and winners will be contacted by Email or Phone containing their winnings. drawings will be perfromed by a third neatral party and shown via alive through our Facebook live platform (please like StormFC Facebook page).

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