Storm FC '00 Boys

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Storm FC '00 Boys team was formed in June of 2011. The team Qualified for Classic league D3 in first year. The team has accomplished many firsts in the club and the players have aspirations of many more!!

Playing League: Classic League Division 3

Training ground: Lions Park, Waxahachie

Head Coach: Antony Penna

Location: Waxahachie, Ellis County Texas

Honors: CCSAI 2010 U11 QT Qualifyers; 2011 State Games National Runners up; 2011 North Tx President Cup Champions; 2011 Chisolm Trail Finalists; 2012 Winter Cup Champions; 2012 Presidents cup Finalists; 2013 TAAF Winter Games Finalists; 2013 Legacy Freedom Finalists; 2013 Cowtown Classic Finalists; 2013 Summer Classic Finalists; 2013 Plano Labor Day Champions;

Schedules: CCSAI D3